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Hand Therapy for Sports Injuries: Why It’s Crucial

If you have suffered a sports injury to your hand or upper limb, you will likely benefit from hand physical therapy. Hand therapists are occupational or physical therapists who have received advanced hand physical therapy exercises and training. With that,  they are experts in treating conditions and injuries of the hand, wrist and arm.


Treatment may include exercises, stretches, splinting, and massage, depending on the injury. Your therapist will work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle. All of these factors are important in the rehabilitation process and can assist you in returning to your previous level of activity.


Here are some of the reasons why hand therapy will help with the treatment of your sports injuries.


1. Regain range of motion and function from hand physical therapy exercises.


Treating hand and upper limb motion and function is essential to rehabilitating after an injury. Hand therapists are highly trained in the assessment and treatment of these injuries. So, they can assist you in regaining the range of motion and function required to resume your previous activity level.


If you receive proper treatment, you may discover that you need more strength and skill to perform tasks you once took for granted. With that, Hands on physical therapy can increase your quality of life and may even prevent you from returning to your sport.


2. Hand physical therapy exercises can prevent further injuries.


Another reason to seek hand therapy after a sports injury is to avoid further injury. The surrounding muscles and tissues can become weak or tight during an injury. They can result in imbalances that put you at risk of re-injury. Furthermore, hand therapy can help correct these imbalances to restore normal function of your hand and prevent further injury.


3. Reduce pain and swelling.


In addition to preventing further injury, hand physical therapy can help reduce pain and swelling. After an injury, the area can become swollen and painful. Furthermore, Hand physical therapy exercises can help reduce this swelling and pain, making it easier for you to regain normal function and have the best chance at a full recovery.


4. Hand physical therapy can improve strength and coordination.


Following an injury, you may also experience hand weakness and decreased coordination. Hand physical therapy exercises can help by focusing on exercises that target specific muscles. Additionally, these exercises will assist you in regaining strength and coordination, making it easier for you to use your hand for daily tasks.


5. Prevent stiffness and atrophy.


If your injury is not treated, you risk developing stiffness and atrophy in the affected area. Hands on physical therapy can help to prevent this by keeping the muscles active and healthy. So, if you have recently sustained a hand injury or are experiencing pain or decreased function in your hand, you should consult a hand therapist. Furthermore, hands on physical therapy can evaluate your hand and create a customised therapy plan to help you recover for long-term benefits.


6. Re-educate muscles post-injury or surgery.


One of the most critical roles of hand physical therapy is to assist muscles in regaining function following an injury or surgery. This procedure, known as reeducation, entails retraining the muscles to function correctly. It can be accomplished through various exercises and activities to improve muscle strength and coordination gradually. Furthermore, hand therapists are experts in this field and will be able to guide you through the multiple stages of reeducation at your own pace.


The Bottom Line


After suffering a sports injury to the hand or upper limb, the athlete must undergo hand physical therapy. Hand therapists are vital to players’ recovery and return to the game.


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