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Exploring Common Pain Conditions and Hand Therapy Solutions

Hand therapy exercises can significantly impact one’s quality of life, especially for those who experience pain all day. At HandsOn Therapy, a trusted hand therapy clinic based in Brisbane, we understand individuals’ challenges with various hand pain conditions.


Our experienced team of occupational therapists and physiotherapists provides high-quality, easily accessible occupational therapy services for people of all ages. This blog post will explore our efficient hand therapy options to alleviate pain, restore function, and delve into common pain disorders affecting the hands.


Understanding Common Pain Conditions in the Hands


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Arthritis, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, can cause pain, stiffness, and inflammation in the joints of the hands. It affects individuals of all ages and can significantly impact hand function. Repetitive strain injuries, commonly seen in office workers, athletes, and musicians, result from repetitive movements and overuse of the hands. Conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis can cause pain, weakness, and reduced range of motion. Hence, hand therapy exercises are necessary to alleviate pain.


#1. Comprehensive Assessment for Hand Therapy Exercises


At HandsOn Therapy, our experienced team begins with a thorough assessment of your hand condition, considering your medical history, pain levels, and functional limitations. This occupational therapy services assessment allows us to develop an individualised hands on therapy plan tailored to your needs.


#2. Pain Management Techniques for Hand Therapy Exercises


Effective pain management is a critical component of hands on therapy. Our therapists employ various techniques, including manual therapy, therapeutic modalities, and pain-relieving exercises, to alleviate pain and improve your overall comfort from their hand therapy exercises.


#3. Range of Motion and Strengthening Hand Therapy Exercises


Hands on therapy includes targeted exercises to improve the affected hand’s range of motion, flexibility, and strength. Our therapists guide you through specific exercises tailored to your condition, gradually restoring function and reducing pain.


#4. Custom Splinting after Hand Therapy Exercises


Splinting is often recommended to support and immobilise the hand during healing. Our skilled therapists provide custom splinting solutions, ensuring a proper fit and optimal support for pain management and enhanced recovery for hand physical therapy exercises.


#5. Joint Protection and Education


Learning proper techniques to protect your joints and manage your condition is essential for hand physical therapy exercises. Our therapists provide education on ergonomic principles, joint protection strategies, and activity modification to minimise pain and prevent further damage.


Our Range of Services


HandsOn Therapy offers many services to address pain conditions and promote hand rehabilitation. Hand therapy is just one of many services we offer. We also help with the following to improve mobility and strength:


  • Scar treatment
  • Work injury management
  • Sports injury management
  • Gym/hydrotherapy sessions


With our hand physical therapy exercises, you may heal faster and go back to your job safely. We are also an approved provider of occupational therapy services for Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) patients, ensuring specialised care and support.

The Bottom Line


If you are experiencing hand pain due to conditions like arthritis, repetitive strain injuries, or other pain conditions, HandsOn Therapy is here to help. With our experienced team of occupational therapists and physiotherapists, we provide high-quality hand therapy services in Brisbane.


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At HandsOn Therapy, we are committed to delivering effective hand therapy solutions to alleviate pain, restore function, and improve your quality of life. Trust our experienced and professional team to guide you in your recovery. Contact us today at 07 3843 6605 or visit our website to schedule an appointment. Our leading clinic is located at 830 Old Cleveland Rd, Carina.

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